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Bella Mente Wins Transpac's "Barn Door" Trophy

BellaMente CocoHeadJuly 15, Honolulu-- A beaming-through-the-fatigue Hap Fauth hit the beach today in Honolulu, Transpac Barn Door win in the bank, mission-accomplished on the Left Coast tour of his 74 foot sloop,Bella Mente. The "Barn Door" is awarded to the first finisher of the Transpacific Yacht Race, 2,225 miles, Los Angeles to Honolulu, "and that was our objective," Fauth said. To finish first, Bella Mente made Diamond Head just before dawn, as pink streaks began to color the high clouds off to the east. Official finish time: 05:44:28.

Photo by Kimball Livingston

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